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How do I pay for my booking?

You pay us for the room reservation fee at the time of your booking. Then, upon arrival at the resort, you will pay the all-inclusive fee, which varies per type of accommodation. The resort accepts MasterCard, Visa, U.S. Dollars, and Express Travelers Checks ONLY. They do NOT accept Discover or American Express cards. More Info

Is the water safe to drink in the Dominican Republic?

All of our restaurants and bars adhere to the strictest standards when it comes to food preparation. Water used in food preparation is purified. The water we serve at our restaurants/ bars along with the ice we serve is also purified for your safety. All staff adheres to proper hygiene procedures at all times.  We also ask all our guests take personal responsibility for their own personal hygiene. We have hand sanitizer dispensers at all entrances to our restaurants and we would kindly ask that you use them before and after you eat. We recommend that you use bottled water when brushing and rinsing your teeth.

I have small children. Are there any areas designed with them in mind?

Kid’s Club: If you have young children you may want to take advantage of our Kid’s Club. The Kid’s Club is located near the Tropical Pool area and a variety of activities are offered to keep the little ones amused.

Child Care Services: If you require child care services while on vacation please speak to your reception department where you checked in.

What if I forget or run out of the basics like toothpaste or sunscreen?

The Lifestyle Holiday Vacation resort in Puerto Plata has a Mini Market which is located near our Casa Blanca Buffet Restaurant. You will be able to purchase a variety of items such as toothpaste, sunscreen, cigars, clothes and other items you may find useful while you are vacationing with us.

What if I need more cash or need to exchange money?

Our experience is that U.S. Dollars are readily accepted at most places. If you need to exchange money while at the resort there is a currency exchange bank located at The Tropical Hotel Reception. If you require a bank machine one is located in the small mini market located near the Casablanca buffet restaurant.

When I go on a vacation, I like to be totally pampered. Are there any spa services available?

We have two Spa centers, one is located within The Tropical Hotel grounds called Metamorphosis and the other one is the Yin Yang Spa which is located on the Cofresi Palm grounds near the Spa suites. These two Spa Centers also have full hairdressing services.

Hair Salon Suzi: The hair salon is located near the Resort Administrative Office. If you would like to make an appointment all you have to do is dial extension 40823.

What if I want to go on an excursion?

Check out the excursion pages first. This may give you good ideas. Feel free to check out their web sites, but you will probably get better deals from the resort’s excursion center. If you would like to find out more information about various excursions offered please visit the logo shop located near our V.I.P Sports Bar. The staff will be able to provide you with information on the various excursions offered and any additional information your may require.

What if I want to get a taxi?

Remember, you have complimentary transportation to and from the airport. Remember to contact the transportation department at the resort no later than 2 full days before departure back home to Guarantee your transportation ride back to the airport (very important).

Excursions booked through the excursion center usually include transportation.

If you are interested in getting out of the resort and you require a taxi service, this can be arranged by V.I.P Services or the Reception areas.

What if I need some medical services?

If you require medical services while you are vacationing with us we have a medical center on – site located near the Mexican Restaurant. If we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact V.I.P Services for additional information.

What if I want to have visitors while I am on the property?

Contact V.I.P Services and Customer Services for information regarding day/night passes for visitors. The Customer Service Department and the V.I.P Services Department should be notified of any and all visitors. All visitors need also to be registered at the front desk.

Will there be any beaches for topless sunbathing?

Please note that topless sunbathing is not common in the Dominican Republic therefore topless swimming or sunbathing is not permitted in our public areas, beaches and pools.

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