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Limo to the Airport Ahh, this is where it all began the summer of 2013! As state employees, Kirt, a triage nurse, and Paula, an elementary school teacher, we searched for an affordable tropical vacation.  We booked a reservation at a hotel in Puerto Plata through a friend’s timeshare and upon arrival were disappointed in the accommodations. We met a young sales guy that offered to take us over to the Lifestyles Holiday Resort to give us a tour. Having almost gotten roped into a timeshare in Hawaii the summer before, we were a bit leery.   He assured us that he would bring us back as soon as we decided we were done.  He was absolutely true to his word and did not pressure us one bit during the whole tour!  He answered questions honestly and directly. We were the ones who didn’t want to return to our hotel.  This place was luxury like we never thought we would get to experience!  WeSharkbite 1 ended up signing up for a gold membership.  They relocated us to the Lifestyle Holiday resort in the Presidential Suites, gave us a golf cart to use and we never looked back! Of course each night when we went to bed we would have to pinch ourselves to be sure the vacation was not just a dream. Last summer we upgraded to Lifetime Platinum members (the highest you can get before becoming a shareholder) and are ready to share affordable resort accommodations with you so that you can enjoy that dream vacation, too! Be sure and contact us so that we can set you up with a dream vacation of your own today!

Skiing at Whistler 1

Whistler Spring Vacation

If you have travel plans for places not listed on our site, we have the ability to book you at thousands of other places. Just give us your wishes and we will let you know what we have available to make your vacation dreams come true.